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Protocol X8 keyboard repeating keys

This morning I purchasrd a new Hyundai Protocol X8 preloaded with Windows 10. The tablet came with a soft portfolio/case and small Bluetooth keyboard. I'm having a problem with the wireless keyboard that came with the tablet. While typing, the tablet will repeat keys for several seconds. It's not specific to any key - it could be the second character or 15th character in a sentence. I made sure they keyboard is charged and I paired using the instructions on this site. Also, I went to the settings and "removed device" then reinstalled but the issue persists. In the settings I also changed the repeat delay as well as repeat rate but that barely made a difference. The only scenario where the keyboard works normally is when I turn off the table's wifi receiver - but I can't use this tablet without wifi. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I can't survive using any tablet without wifi and an external keyboard :)

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I have seen this on several windows 10 computers.

What numbers are reported from running winver?

you should get a 4 digit number, and then a build number.. please post both.



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