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I have been having issues with my tablet since I have first purchased it & now it is stuck in safe mode. I tried to follow trouble shooting instructions which has now caused my volume down button to stop working, I have consistently reached out to the manufacturer's company to get help because I should be covered by the manufacturer warranty but, I have yet to receive any further assistance besides setting up an account. I have been reaching out for the past MONTH, I am not going to go away so if I can get someone to do their job that would be great because that's what is being told in the manual, that's what I expect, & some people can't afford to throw away their hard earned money

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I have been trying to contact customer service for over a week.  My thinnote ultrabook shut down while using and will not turn back on it is only 7 1/2 months old.  Very frustrated like you.  I called a got a VM for a lady in the support dept.  Do they only have 1 person in their support dept???  I have sent multiple tickets and it just keeps saying being processed!!!  

yes I completely understand the frustration but what I had to do was consistently reach out to them through all locations of their websites and state my concern I also sent multiple and multiple emails and I also had to unfortunately somewhat threatened to go to a higher authority if my concerns and needs were met it is very unfortunate but I recommend you to consistently try to reach out my pleads and cries were eventually heard my apologies for you going through the same it doesn't make any sense for these multi dollar companies to be lacking so much
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