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New thin note ultra book won’t start up

I just purchased a thinnote 14 ultrabook and I have had it charging for 2 hours now and the screen won’t pop up. There is a blue light that turns on but nothing else is happening. Is it defected or is there something I am not doing? Thank you

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I am having the exact same problem! I purchased mine yesterday, I took it out of the box and plugged it in and the only thing that I got was a blinking “Hyundai” screen. The store I purchased it from won’t take it back, they said I have to contact Hyundai and I’ve put in a service request so waiting to hear back from that.

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Same issue here. I think it might have been a Windows update that caused it. When it restarted to install one of the updates that's when the problem started. Have either of you found a solution? I already started a support ticket today. Thanks

Same problem. Technical support walked me through a factory reset. Now it opens to a banner that says Hyundai and stays there. I've let it sit 24 hours. Technical support no longer responds. Sales support seems to only have one guy answering the phone. He knows the support guy and says "he's on it.". Two weeks now and my gift idea sits in a box, waiting to be returned to "Haider" or whomever in hopes if a refund. So this is Hyundai laptops, eh?

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Can anyone tell me how to perform the factory reset?

Probably one of the most unsatisfactory experiences, from purchase to technical support.   I'm just glad I passed on the car!

Same thing with one of mine and I haven’t had it very long. Turn it on, Hyundai flashes on the screen then nothing else /:(
Hope you have better luck than me. I even opened a support ticket and never got a response. Feels like a class action lawsuit should be filed here.

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