KORAL 7w2 Firmware

Koral 7W2 - Hyundai Technology

Please see the following Firmware TOOLS, IMAGE, and  VIDEO for the KORAL 7w2 at the following  links below. Instructions will be provided in the video and firmware tools.









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hello my name is kevin I have the same problem as everyone with the hyundai koral 7w2 tablet, that video does not really explain the problem we have because only teach to reinstall the system if the tablet is good, but do not teach to remove the tablet start loop since in this the computer does not recognize the tablet I hope they solve this.

Hello Kevin,

Thank you for your patience. Please see  the instructions below to learn how to perform the firmware update. Please also use the video as a reference. 

1. First enable drivers for Win10, open settings and  click update & security.

2. Click Recovery and Restart now
3. Click Troubleshoot

4. Click Advanced options

5. Click Startip Settings
6. Click Restart.

7. Type 7
If your computer didn’t install Win10,  ignore the above.

8. Open PhoenixSuitPacket.msi , then click next three times as marked red.

9.  Click next at pop-ups as marked red.

10.  Open PhoenixSuit.exe in PhoenixSuit folder unzipped,
click    and                 to select the img file.

 11. Power off the tablet, press the Volume+ Key and do not
release, connect the tablet to the PC with USB cable, click
Power Key for about 5 times

12. Click Yes, the tablet will be auto upgraded

Best Regards,


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