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For instructions on how to install drivers, please use this LINK.

Protocol X8 - Download

Kanabo - Download

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Kanabo driver link is broken

Hello Ernesto,

Thank you for your patience. Please try to download the Driver package on Google Chrome. You may have to disable pop blockers if the file doesn't download. I was able to download the file on my end using Google Chrome so it should allow you to download the driver package. 

Best Regards,


Hi everyone,

Well I had some trouble with Kanabo drivers after reinstalling Windows 10. After having OS in a new drive, the screen lock and the screen off button didn´t work. Hyundai support was unnable to solve my problem. I've got the solution. I had to install the "On-Screen Display" driver available in Eluktronics site for Mech 15 model. Here is the link:

After several exchanges over 3 weeks, Hyundai staff told me that there was no solution to put my laptop  working fully. Being that the solution was only to offer the right driver. Which is not included in the downloadable package above.

I'm happy with Kanabo laptop. It's a good altenative for the price I paid. But it is urgent that Hyundai develop a more appropriate driver-download platform and better preparation of the support team. In addition to providing more accurate information on the specifications of the equipment, at least in the in-box documents (like sRGB, fps, panel pin, nvme size, included ram speed, etc). This is easy to do and is necessary to make the product more recommendable...

Hello Ernesto,

Thank you for your patience. Thank you for voicing your advice and concerns. I do believe this issue was already worked out by our developers. Please see the following links below to download and install Drivers for your device. 

Kanabo Drivers

My Color App

Thank you for your understanding. 

Best Regards,


Hi, I installed a SSD for my KANABO, so I searched for the drivers and I found this forum with the drivers.
So I decided to install every driver till a folder called "GE5SN71 EC 1.09.00_Standard Win". The problem is that is not a driver, is a firmware for the keyboard and now  I can't manipulate the brightness for my keyboard with the functions keys and just only with "MyApp" application. As you don't offer a formal support I ask you for a solution in this forum. Regards



DO NOT INSTALL THIS "GE5SN71 EC 1.09.00_Standard Win" !

Hi, I have' the very same problem as Cristian, by the very same reason.  Does anybody has a solution for that issue?  

link is broken

where we can find the drivers?

Use the eluktronics drivers posted above, those are the same

Driver para Hiundai Hyflip

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Driver para Hyundai Hyflip 13"

tambien busco los drivers de hyflip se formateo y no le sirve el audio el pad etc etc

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