KORAL 10 W Firmware

KORAL 10 W Firmware Update Instructions 

Koral 10W - Hyundai Technology


 Please see the following  Attachments below to install the firmware for your device. 


1. Download the Instructions and read them carefully.  



2. Install Phoenix Suit_CN_1.08 .msi on your laptop or home  computer.




3. Click on the Phoenix USB Pro to use program. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1UpIwTCARbbCMBXDRayVvNm2Gtnv3qCDx



4.  Upload the KORAL 10 W image. (There are two images because the KORAL 10 W has two  different IPS form factors) One of the images below will be  the right one for you so try both. 


KORAL  10 W image ISP 1



KORAL 10 W image ISP 2



5.  Check the Phoenix Check box at the top right hand corner of the program. 


6.  Click on firmware update button. 


7.  Turn off device and hold the Volume button up and then plug in the device and  then press the power button about 5 to 7 times.


8.  The program will then start to update your device. 


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Matthew, The links of the sp1 and the sp3 are broke, may you check this please?
I need fix my tablet

Thanks for your attention


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