We have made a Recovery Drive to flash the Protocol X8 to version 1703 with all drivers installed already Please use the following Instructions to prepare the Drive and flash the device.

Please use the following guide to prepare your USB disk for flashing. Once done attach the Drive and a USB keyboard to a USB hub. Attach the hub to the supplied OTG cable and turn on the tablet. Once the screen lights up keep pressing the DEL key on the keyboard until you reach the BIOS. go to the last menu option and in the boot override section arrow down to "UEFI: <Thumbdrive>" and hit enter. It should boot up perform the flash and shutdown. Once shutdown please remove the Hub and attached devices and boot up the tablet. 


Open a Command Prompt as administrator

type the following commands



list disk (get the number of your thumbdrive)

select disk # (# being the number of your USB drive from the above command)


convert gpt

create partition primary

format fs=fat32 label="WINPE" quick




After you do that unzip the files from the downloaded image  here and extract them to the thumbdrive (Copy/Paste is fine). Once that is done plug in the drive go to BIOS and go to the last menu option (Save and Exit) and scroll down to the Boot Override section and you should see the USB drive in the boot list.(UEFI:<Name of your thumbdrive>) Select it and boot. It will do the rest automatically.